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  • Basket 18G - 40-100-103

This basket #103 is not produced by Rancilio anymore and the replacement basket now is #40-100-108

I have a few left at a higher price because the quality is much better then the new #40-100-108

Rancilio 18G Triple Dose Basket, 40-100-103  - This is not the 14 grams double dose basket.

One 18G Triple Dose Basket, #40-100-103.

  • Basket is the same or better in quality as the 102 basket.
  • Basket will fit all Rancilio Pertafiltrs, closed or open bottom.
  • For more information, check this basket page.

Basket 18G - 40-100-103

  • Brand: Rancilio
  • Product Code: Basket 18G - 40-100-103
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
  • $31.00

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