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PID Controller, one box Plug and Play e-Kit, for Brew and Steam control.

Only for the Rancilio Silvia. from PID Silvia,

This Kit Includes:

  1. PID controller to be installed as plug-n-play between the group head and steam wand.
  2. Brew temperature and steam will be controlled.
  3. One inch profile Stainless steel box.
  4. Bypass PID switch.
  5. SSR (Solid State Relay) x 2 , Self Sticking, no need for screws or drilling.
  6. One "T" type Thermocouple.
  7. Small internal Power supply and EZ connector.
  8. Thermal grease for Thermocouple.
  9. Zip ties (8).
  10. PID user guide, Instructions, and guide to PID tuning help for Silvia.
  11. Kit will be all assembled in stainless box.
  12. Calibration of Thermocouple with controller and set-up for Silvia PID settings.
  13. Display Fahrenheit, Celsius is optional in program settings.
  14. All wire ends are crimped with wire connectors and or soldered, ready to connect.

All you need is:

  • Phillips screwdriver, one long, one short.
Some benefits for this setup:
  1. Box profile is only 1 inch.
  2. ON/OFF Bypass Switch providing full control and bypass the PID when cooling down the boiler.
  3. You can always upgrade this kit with other options.
  4. This Kit will work on 120VAC or 220VAC
  5. Will fit new or old models of Silvia.
  6. You don't have to cut your Silvia.
  7. Check this page "why PID Silvia"

PID e-Kit GH box Plug and Play with Steam control

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