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Kit Includes:

  • 1 x  New modified shower screen.
  • 1 x  New modified jet breaker.
  • 1 x  High grade stainless steel M5 flat head Phillips screw.

If you have an old V1 model with the old round group head; you will need a shorter screw to be included in the kit. See pictures below to determine whether you have the old round group head. --- please email me after you order to let me know so I will include a short screw for the old V1 (Do not send message via PayPal) ( You can find the email address on this page )

All you need is:

  • Short Phillips screwdriver.
  • Short flat screwdriver or 8mm hex key to remove old bolt.
  • Read this page Screen and this page Basket

Note: To prevent any chance of screw lock. I am using a high grade stainless still screw.  Use a good screwdriver.  Do not over tighten the screen, and clean your machine regularly.

Old Silvia; V1 model. 
See the outer frame round cover of the group

New Silvia; V2, V3 model.
See the outer frame horseshoe cover of the group







 If you get confused when reinstalling the screen (it does happen sometimes) see pictures below:

Picture #1

Picture #2Picture #3

Flat Shower Screen Kit

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