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External Pressure Gauge Kit for Rancilio Silvia

For external install Liquid filled, 1/8" NTP back connection.

Kit Includes:

  1. One Oil liquid filled 2" Wika Pressure Gauge, in BAR scale 0-16. 1/8" NPT thread (optional dry Gauge, on request)
  2. The gauge includes flow restrictor. It will better protect the gauge from the pump pulsation.
  3. All needed fittings, 1 "T" & 2 compressions.
  4. 33 inch flexible tube made in U.S.A. (FDAFood Water approved ) 400 psi, up to 395° F,
  5. Black sleeving to go over tube.
  6. 1 Rubber Grommet and zip ties.

Stainless Steel Bracket, not included.

Stainless Steel zip-tie band/strap, not included; can be added on request via email ($2) or ($4 bent to fit box).

  • I use a gauge with only a BAR scale because all literature, discussions, and all instructions are in BARs; use Google to convert to psi
  • The connection will be made right after the water pump (all Rancilio water pumps are made by ULKA)
  • You will need some tools and Teflon tape.
  • For more information and options check this page at
  • The oil liquid filled will absorb vibration and lubricate all moving parts to increase the service life of the gauge.

Pressure Gauge External Kit

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